Connect with God

In a busy and fallen world, it can be hard to connect with God and hear his voice.   Below you'll find options to help you connect and engage with God in a deeper and more meaningful way: 

Spiritual Direction

As a spiritual director, I believe the Holy Spirit is with us in every moment of life. Exploration of our relationship to God, ourselves, and others can provide glimpses of the Holy Spirit among us. I strive to create a space for people to discover the movement of God in the stories and experiences of their everyday life.

So what exactly IS Spiritual Direction?

"Spiritual Direction is a prayer process in which a person seeking help in cultivating a deeper relationship with God meets with another for prayer and conversation that is focused on increasing the awareness of God in the midst of life experiences and facilitating surrender to God's will."

David Benner, Sacred Companions (2002)

Spiritual Direction is two people inviting the Holy Spirit to join them as they prayerfully discern the presence of God in one of their lives.  The person who shares is called the Directee and the person who listens is called the Spiritual Director.  Both parties are in agreement that the Holy Spirit is the true director of our lives so the Spiritual Director listens and offers thoughts the directee may be unable to see from their perspective.

Theologial perspective of spiritual direction

The theology behind spiritual direction can vary depending on the specific Christian tradition and theological perspective. However, there are a few common theological themes that are often associated with spiritual direction:

1. Relationship with God: Spiritual direction is grounded in the belief that individuals can have a personal and intimate relationship with God. It recognizes that God is actively present and involved in the lives of believers, and that individuals can grow in their connection and communion with God through spiritual practices and guidance.

2. Discernment and Listening to the Holy Spirit: Spiritual direction emphasizes the importance of discernment, which involves seeking God's will and guidance in one's life. It recognizes that the Holy Spirit is at work in the lives of believers, and individuals can learn to discern the promptings and movements of the Spirit through prayer, reflection, and spiritual direction.

3. Transformation and Holiness: Spiritual direction often sees spiritual growth as a journey of transformation and the pursuit of holiness. It recognizes that individuals are called to grow in their likeness to Christ and to align their lives with God's purposes. Spiritual directors may help individuals explore areas of growth, identify obstacles, and offer guidance on how to cultivate virtues and engage in spiritual practices.

4. Scriptural Reflection and Prayer: Spiritual direction is often grounded in the reading and contemplation of Scripture. It encourages individuals to reflect on the teachings of the Bible, seek wisdom and guidance from its message, and integrate biblical truths into their lives. Prayer is seen as a central means of communication and communion with God, and spiritual directors may guide individuals in developing a deeper prayer life.

5. Community and Sacramental Life: While spiritual direction focuses on the individual's relationship with God, it also recognizes the importance of the Christian community and participation in the sacramental life of the Church. Spiritual directors may encourage individuals to engage in worship, participate in the sacraments, and seek support and accountability within their faith community.

It is important to note that the specific theological perspectives and practices of spiritual direction can vary among different Christian traditions and spiritual directors. These themes provide a general overview but may be expressed and emphasized differently depending on the theological background and individual beliefs of the spiritual director and the person seeking direction.


What will we do in a direction session?

Direction might include prayer, silence, storytelling, laughter, tears, or anything else that happens in conversations. Our focus will be on what God is trying to share with you as you explore your life story.

How often will we meet?

I am open to meeting as often as you'd like but generally once a month is the standard.

Is there a fee associated with direction?

Beginning August 1, 2023, there will be a fee of $50 for individual sessions. However, I would never want payment to discourage someone from receiving the Soul Care they need. Please contact me if you would like to request a scholarship or if a hardship arrangement is needed. 

Is what I share confidential?

Yes, spiritual direction is a confidential space where you are encouraged to show up as your truest self because your God already knows you. Of course, there are legally mandated exceptions when it comes to harmful acts towards minors, elderly, or oneself.

Where will we meet?

We can meet in person or virtually, although in person truly has many less distractions available.

How long is a session?

Generally sessions are 50-60 minutes but more or less time can be arranged as desired.

Is Spiritual Direction like therapy?

No, Spiritual Direction focuses on the movement of God in your life. If it appears that mental health treatment is needed a list of resources may be provided.

Do you have questions about Spiritual Direction? 

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I would never want financial restraints to prevent a person from receiving the soul care they need.  

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